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Non-Standard Equipment Manufacturing and Development

In the age of permanent racing to improve goods characteristics and to reduce their manufacturing costs any company shall require to make constant changes to manufacturing lines, to install some new equipment or improve the already installed. Any standard equipment in most cases is unable to be up to the challenges in full tossed by the goal of production modernization.

This is why we suggest our customers using an approach based on applying non-standard equipment and components. We ourselves assess if it shall be necessary and practicable to add a new functional to our client’s manufacturing lines, design equipment taking into consideration each particular company’s specific circumstances; besides we shall be responsible for such non-standard equipment installing and adjusting.

Non-standard industrial equipment shall contribute to manufacturing lines moving to full capacity, to reducing the goods cost, to making the changes and additions to goods characteristics being hard-hitting or impractical at all in case of using standard equipment. Non-standard equipment always means a custom solution for your manufacturing lines from designing to launching.

The customers interested in our non-standard components and devices are food industry, construction and industrial companies and laboratories. We provide a great variety of engineering products for such spheres including separate components (spare parts and details) and units, aggregates and ready-made production units (devices and completed cycle constructions).

Equipment designed and manufactured by our company shall enable you to upgrade, reconstruct and finish the existing manufacturing lines equipping, improve technical processes, restructure your capacities to issue new goods.

In order to manufacture non-standard equipment we use our own capacities or involve our trusted producers. Long-term cooperation enables us to manufacture complicated non-standard equipment on the most beneficial terms.

Our non-standard equipment shall be mounted on our client’s manufacturing lines involving our specialists. We provide further maintenance for any designed and manufactured units and devices.